We cannot deny the fact that technology is now seamlessly integrated into the fabric of our lives. And if we come to schools or institutions, these are vital part of our society , helping the young generation realize their dreams and making them a contributing part of our society . A school is also responsible for a student's growth as helps them in developing various skills while imparting knowledge and nurturing self-confidence. Which makes it essential to have the best managing tools as part of the institution. Success in everyday tasks is what's in demand of the emerging education system, and to achieve that we need a robust and comprehensive School Management System which will automate your institution's operations. VEMS is here to help you not only managing , looking at facts and figures about the school day to day activities but also helps in proving the indicators ( KPIs ) to see the deviations caused if any in achieving the goal and target of the organization and helps to optimize the school operations and draw maximum returns from it

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Registration Management

Covers Registration of :

1. Management (Administration, Principal, Director)
2. Staff (Teacher ,Lab Tech)
3. Student
4. Vendor (Internet, Water, Canteen etc)

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Academics consists of :

1. Class wise Examination Setup
2. Grades/ Marks Setup
3. Final Assessment/ or Report card
4. Performance / Result Analysis

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Attendance Management

Covers Attendance of Staff & Students

1. Send message to parents in case of absence to ensure child safety.
2. Option for marking Leave and Late.
3. Data from attendance record gives various reports.
4. Leaves can be handled by Staff Attendance.

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Allowance from parent

1. Take consent from Parents for any event or trip etc.
2. Reports for all the consents Agreed/ Not agreed/No response easily downloadable in pdf and excel format.
3. Two way communication from School and Parents.

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Fee Management

A huge module in itself (some key point)

1. Daily Collection Report, downloadable in excel or pdf format.
2. Dues, paid and outstanding fee receipts for parents
3. Accessible receipts and reports of bus fees.
4. Demand Bill reports to show the dues.
3. Additional Fee Details, Discounts, can be managed in single click

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Allowance from parent

1. Assign, track and complete tasks in addition to academics to teachers with advance load shedding facility
2. Upload Note or Assignment in a single click with Mobile or web.

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Transport Management

Managing the bus route (Key Features)

1. Assigning routes and buses to the driver and buses respectively.
2. Guardian can track the buses of their ward/s through mobile application
3. Driver can take attendance of the student in the bus
4. A text massage can be triggered by admin in case of change of route or timing of the buses

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You name it and we have it

1. Student report (Attendance, Transport, Student List, Hostel report).
2. Staff Report (Subject wise staff list, Attendance).
3. Institute Report (Monthly fee details, Annual income, DCR income, Smart Classes, Infrastructure,Student new admission, Transport Attendance etc)

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Lock / Raise Ticket

Request to us

1. Internal Ticketing System with proper tracking of task at every stage.
2. Lock new request or Raise any bug/ error found and track your request.
3. New requests completed in 3-4 days and any complaint or bug resolved in 1- 2 days.


We help our clients meet their strategic business objectives with our proven expertise in Application Development and Application Management.

Application Support
Application maintenance services in all verticals. Combining our in-depth expertise with time-tested solutions
Customization is guaranteed in promised time in Production Environment.
Technical Support
Our technical support not only guides you but gives you in-depth insight of the functionality and modules.
New Features

Better Information, Better Decisions, Better Schools. BIS is the key that provides an easy,user-friendly solution to connect multiple variables from various data sets in one location to conduct analysis.Using BIS , we can take you to the place where your data is actually serving you relevant, helpful information for making the best decision for your school.

It's all about a granular approach to data. This is the only way to get information to help guide a student's path to achieving more. Anything else leads to vague targets like "working harder" and don't support good quality learning.

KPIs are used to evaluate organization success at reaching targets. KPIs for schools are -
-Student Achievement.
-Discipline Referrals.
-Attendance Rates.
-Graduation Rates.
-Student to faculty Ratio
-Teacher Satisfaction
and many more

Details Coming soon...